Hi, my name is Christina Fletcher and I am so happy to be on this adventure. I’m surrounded by amazing people – some I’ve known my whole life, some I’ve just met.

This adventure started when I was looking for booth space in our town to sell my creations. I couldn’t find anything available and I asked about a vacant space. One week later we were officially starting a shop!

My vision was to create a store that was filled with things I loved and would bring joy to others. To fill this store, I brought in my completed projects, ordered some products I found (and loved) and I STILL had more room to fill. LOL

The timing worked out perfectly with a different store closing in town and I was able to give some of those vendors a new home in Franklin. I’ve been blessed with an abundance of wonderful, creative people that share the same dream I do. We work together to create a store full of beautiful, fun gifts and things for your home.

I love our little town and I love to support artists and artisans. My heart is freest when I’m in the groove of creativity. Helping others grow their businesses and profit from their creativity inspires me. We should all have the freedom to do what we love.

I invite you to stop in and say hi. Hugs and good conversation are free. Look around, find something you love and support a creative artisan that put a part of their soul on our shelves.